Portrait of Claudio Margulis
Claudio J. Margulis

Research in the Margulis group is theoretical and computational in nature. Areas of interest include the structure, dynamics and reactivity of room-temperature ionic-liquids and molecules dissolved in them; with some current projects being the development of theoretical tools to better interpret X-ray data in the liquid phase as well as at interfaces, the interpretation of spectroscopic properties of solutes and excess electrons dissolved in these liquids as well as charge transfer and transport. We also are very interested in high-temperature molten salts. Some of our projects involve theoretical work, whereas other projects heavily rely on high performance computing.

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Postdoc Position Available

For a recently funded grant, I am looking for a postdoc that knows CP2K well (or other similar software), but that is also well rounded with theory in general to study excess electrons in ionic liquids.

Recent announcements

  • Matt Emerson, congratulations on your paper on ternary mixtures including LaCl3 accepted for publication in JPC B! (3/26/2024)
  • Bichitra Borah, your first paper got published today in JACS Communications. What a way to start publishing as a first author! (11/14/2023)
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  • Congratulations Hung Nguyen and co-authors on your first paper that just got accepted in JPC B on the reactivity of electrons with molten salts! (8/29/23)
  • Congratulations Raphael Ogbodo and co-authors on your first paper that just got accepted in JPC B on the viscosity of ionic liquids! (June 2023)
  • Matt Emerson, congratulations on your first author JACS paper "Complete Description of the LaCl3-NaCl Melt Structure and the Concept of a Spacer Salt that Causes Structural Heterogeneity" (1/11/22)